Olive Oil Mill

Olio Rana © OlioRana

The origins of the Rana Oil Mill date back to the early 900, when my great-grandfather Domenico started his activity with a crusher for rent. The small factory stood in the countryside on the western outskirts of Bisceglie, and it was composed by a large basin in stone moved by animal traction. The presses were made of wood and driven by the strength of the workers. It was a small company where the most enterprising ones, took all products necessary for first-subsistence oil, wheat, vegetables and fruit, regardless of increasing their profit.

In 1937, the “rudder” switch to my grandfather Angelo Rana, tired of a life mainly agricultural, decided to turn around, starting a stable oil activity near the railway station. Thanks to the high quality of his work he was honored with the title of Knight of Magistral Grace in 1939 by King Vittorio Emanuele III. In 1940 in order to meet the numerous and repeted requests, the company moved towards its historical place that was in Avenue Guarini and implemented a new technology made of hydraulic presses called Breda Pignoni di Milano and the automatic separator machine. The business and agricultural capabilities of grandfather Angelo were important factors in the continuation of an activity, that keeps following its ideas up to now.

Olio Rana © OlioRana

The next two decades mark the handover from Angelo to his son Mauro Rana, my father, winner of Hercules gold 1986, an international prize awarded to companies that distinguished themselves in the field of innovation. A period of great change, especially from a structural point of view, with the installation in 1980 of the first continuous plant product in Italy, the Pieralisi sc. 90. Instead of millstones and iron presses now the company has a fully stainless steel.

The late 90s were characterized by great changes within our company, the business were transferred from its current location in Via San Mercuro and I started my first steps as a miller within the company.

Therefore, in 2002, part of the new business that, despite the difficulties caused by the economic situation and disaffection of the agricultural tradition,  collected the consensus of the most demanding customers.

My father, in fact, thanks to his maturity in the professional field were considered as one of the best millers of our territory. After more than forty years since the beginning of this activity, with many accomplishments and obstacles overcome, in November 2011, is his untimely death.

With the experience gained in recent years and by the virtue of a dynamic, professional and modern approach, my intention is to bring forward the centenary family tradition, with passion, pride and deep sense of belonging.