The virtues of olive oil

Staple of Mediterranean diet, olive oil is considered essential for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Several studies, in fact, have demonstrated the beneficial properties: it reduces by about 30% the chance of heart attacks and lowers blood pressure. The polyphenols and “Vitamin E”, thanks to their antioxidant action, help to prevent arteriosclerosis slowing down the aging of cells. Existing data compare and relate the use of extra virgin olive oil with the reduction of certain types of cancer, primarily for breast.

In addition, to give the right caloric supply, extra virgin olive oil keeps a good digestibility useful for the liver.

The tingling in the throat that is felt by tasting it is symptomatic of a touch of extra health. This feeling depends from the so-called oliocantale, an anti-inflammatory substance discovered by a short time, which has the same effect of ibuprofen, the active ingredient of anti-inflammatory drugs. A couple of teaspoons of oil  in the morning, on an empty stomach, can also solve the problems of those who are afflicted with chronic constipation. The extra virgin olive oil differs from other oils for its ability to withstand high temperatures much better. It is by far the most suitable for frying because it keeps intact its properties without deterioration, resisting up to 180°C. The intense flavor and typical aroma enclose the quality of a select oil and genuine as that of Ancient Oil Mill Rana.


Benefici del consumo di olio extra vergine di oliva.

Sono numerose le prove scientifiche che dimostrano gli effetti positivi dell' olio extra vergine d'oliva per la salute dell'uomo. Molti studi hanno confermato che il consumo di l'olio extravergine di oliva ci protegge dai radicali liberi e dall'invecchiamento cellulare che nella nostra vita quotidiana sono sempre più soggetti ad attacchi esterni di vita frenetica e stressante.

Inoltre secondo altri studi scientifici i polifenoli contenuti nell'olio d'oliva, contribuiscono ad eliminare le sostanze che favoriscono la proliferazione delle cellule cancerose, infatti tra le donne dei paesi Mediterranei rispetto a quelli della popolazione femminile